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Alleanza Tesori Raggianti


Radiant Treasures

A treasure is inherently valuable, beautiful, and worth searching for. Victims of commercial sexual exploitation are hidden treasures in the dark world of sex slavery. They are made in the image of God, deeply loved by Him and worth searching for. They put on the appearance of beauty and happiness as a means to survive while being broken and desperate inside. We want them to know their true beauty and to have real joy by being restored by hope and healing. No matter how marred by the shadows of darkness where they were hidden, they can be radiant treasures.



Traffickers have developed an elaborate and extensive network that promotes the vitality of the commercial sex industry. It is crucial that we respond in turn with our own anti-trafficking network to counteract traffickers and thereby more effectively serve the treasures who are trapped in it. We believe that operating as an alliance will enable all involved to be empowered and equipped to reach more treasures with the truth about their value, better help them find hope and healing, and stand stronger as their advocates.

The following Scripture was the source of inspiration for our name and we rejoice in the Truth it proclaims:“Those who look to him for help will be radiant with joy; no shadow of shame will darken their faces.” (Psalm 34:5)



We recognize our creator God as one God in three persons; 

we will work for the glory of the Father, 

after the example of the Son 

and in the power of the Holy Spirit. 

Jesus Christ represents the perfection of our values and vision. 

We are dedicated to representing him to every person involved in human trafficking and commercial sexual exploitation. 

True humility, compassion and excellence are seen in Jesus' sacrifice for every person, 

his relationship with the outcast and downtrodden, 

his unconditional love, 

his extension of grace and forgiveness, 

his ministry to the genuine needs of persons 

and the power of his teaching and his life. 

We will follow in his footsteps. 

While we are a Christian organization of Christian partners, 

we desire to cooperate with other organizations, regardless of religious conviction, when we are working toward the same goal in the same way.


*adapted from the European Freedom Network with permission



Our mission and vision are accomplished when our partners are:


  • Fostering transformation of local communities through awareness campaigning, education and training


  • Providing care and support for victims and survivors more appropriately and effectively


  • Encouraged in their efforts to eradicate commercial sexual exploitation

  • Supporting local churches to be primary agents of change


  • Intentionally pushing back the darkness through prayer 

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