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ATR Members are an integral part of the very fabric of ATR. We exist to equip, empower and unite them - for the sake of Italy’s treasures to the glory of God. Our members are thus recipients of many benefits from connection to other ATR members nationwide, to resources and training to fuel their ministries, and opportunities to collaborate in dynamic work groups addressing important issues. Our members ascribe to our values and commit to join us in strategic ways. Become of a core part of ATR through membership. Apply today.


ATR Collaborators are valued individuals and groups who support our mission, visions, and strategies, and may or may not ascribe to our values. Our Collaborators aren’t asked for a commitment to join our work on a regular basis but are invited to take part in interest groups or various short-term collaborative projects. 


ATR allies are entities we respect and admire that are doing similar work to combat commercial sexual exploitation, but are unable to collaborate with us directly. They honor us with their endorsement of ATR and support as we work toward our common cause. If you would like to be recognized as an ATR ally, we would love to hear from you!

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